About Me:

I help companies with laser focus. I am a leader in Corporate Strategy, Corporate M&A, Product Strategy, R&D, Product Management, Product Marketing, Positioning & Messaging and Design based on 28 years in technology companies.  I have a reputation as someone who likes the leading edge, so I'm comfortable and conversant with new technologies and concepts as they emerge. I am an experienced executive that has built things, delivered value and has been there, done that. I work with technology companies and investors across North America to focus on market value. As manager, advisor and board member of many start-ups, I know the pressure to get it right and to get there fast.

This is me.

This is me.

As Chief Designer, R&D Executive and Strategy Executive for IBM Business Analytics, and past Chief Strategy Officer of Cognos, I worked with the management team and strategy professionals across IBM to set direction with respect to markets, products and its go-to-market model and sought out technology and companies that helped to fulfill their market vision.

As well, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management has been the oxygen I've breathed for the last 25 years. I wrote "Smooth Sailing on Rough Seas: 8 Principles of High-performance Business" and have written numerous articles about business performance management as well as technology and marketing trends for various industry publications and I speak regularly on technology industry and business topics.

I've been a member of the Advisory Board of Algonquin College’s Tech Marketing Program, and have been on the steering committee for Ottawa’s past technology marketing association and am an active member of the technology community, a past chairman of N-able Technologies, a former board member of Buystream Technologies, 3-Vista and Data Beacon and advise several Canadian technology companies and tech funds. I'm also a FounderFuel mentor.

You also need to know that I am an avid collector of useless factoids, am serious about barbeque and play wicked lead guitar.